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NVMS7000 is a free Network Video Management Software for DVRs, NVRs and IP Cameras.

Download the program for Windows(192mb)
or Mac(20mb)
Download the NVMS7000 User Manual pdf for PC and Mac.
Get the app for Android, iPhone or iPad
Download the User Manual for our DVRs for PC and Mac.

Kindle and other Android based devices

*Not all Kindles will run NVMS7000

Manageable Encoding Device :256
Max. Group :256
Max. Imported Camera :1024
Max. Camera Number in One Group :64
Max. Decoding Device :64
Max. Live View Camera :64
Max. Online User :51
Max. Playback Channel :16
Max. Simultaneous Download Task :16
Max. E-map :256

Web Components

To view your devices in a web browser you may need to install a plugin first.
It should automatically download when you try to connect to your DVR for the first time but if it doesn’t, download it here.

This is the plugin needed for windows computers with Internet Explorer or Firefox.
Note: Starting with Firefox 52, it no longer supports plugins. To get plugins again you need to switch to the ESR version of Firefox.

This is the plugin to view DVRs on most Apple Computers.

This is the plugin to view IP cameras on most Apple Computers.

Video Player

Our TVI DVRs save the video in mp4 format, this software will play it back.
Download the program for Windows or Mac.