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GPS Trackers

Since we are offering the lowest prices on GPS trackers, there is no better time than now to experience the difference for yourself. With features like real-time fleet monitoring, speed tracking, and geo-fences you will be able to manage your fleet like never before. Optimize your fleet and save fuel costs by using GPS tracking today!

How Can GPS Tracking Improve My Business?

GPS tracking saves your business money in multiple ways. By using real-time positioning, geo-fencing, and live traffic updates you can be sure that your drivers are taking the most efficient routes to your costumers. Idle reports give you a detailed summary showing you areas where you can reduce idle times and save on fuel costs. Some insurance companies even offer discounted premiums if you have a GPS tracking device installed. These are just a few of the ways that GPS tracking can cut down on operation costs, saving you time and money.

GPS tracking promotes safe driving habits in your fleet. With location and speed monitoring you will be able to identify and correct any potentially dangerous driving habits in your fleet. By correcting these habits, not only will you make the roads a safer place, you will also save your vehicles from unnecessary wear and tear, which cuts down your maintenance costs.

GPS tracking gives your dispatchers real-time location and traffic information for each one of your drivers. They can use this information to quickly and efficiently determine the best route for your drivers to take, cutting down on your client’s wait times. If a client is waiting on one of your drivers, your dispatchers will also be able to check locations of your drivers and current traffic to give an accurate estimated time of arrival.

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GPS OBD-II Vehicle Tracker


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