USB Wall Charger Spy Camera 32GB

Covert Camera that looks and works like a standard USB wall charger but also records whatever it sees and hears. Video is stored on internal 32gb micro SD card and can be read on any computer using the USB cable




USB Wall Charger Spy Camera 32GB

When you need a covert camera to watch someone but don’t want them suspecting it is a camera, use this USB Wall Charger Camera to charge your phone and divert suspicion. This little device looks and works exactly like any normal wall charger so no one would suspect it is watching them. Its small size makes it great for travel. When you need to record something just ask if you can charge your phone and plug it in.

Recording and Playback

Recording video at 1080p quality and sound from across the room, the data gets stored on the internal 32GB Micro SD card. It records for 3.5 hours and when the SD card gets full, it records over the oldest video. When you want to play back the video, unplug it and use the USB Male-A to Male-A Cable that comes with it to connect the camera to a computer. When connected to a computer, the USB Wall Charger Camera becomes a thumb drive. From there, you can play the AVI files or back them up onto another hard drive.

Video Format AVI
Video Coding M-JPEG
Resolution 1920*1080
Image Proportion 4:3

Any player that can play AVI files should work.